Tiny Yorkie Picks Out Her Own Toy, Needs No Assistance Getting It To The Car

As a kid, getting to pick out a toy at the store is a pretty big deal. And for a little Yorkie named Lucy, it’s just as exciting! Watch as the tiny dog grabs the biggest toy possible and carries it all the way to the car by herself. It’s so cute — you gotta love it! 🙂

A note from the owner on YouTube:

“Going shopping for a toy with Lucy is something we do quite often. We always let her pick out the toy she wants… she actually will get up on the lower shelf (it’s one that she can reach easily) and she will sniff and search for what she thinks is the perfect toy! She will sniff several before she makes her decision. As soon as she finds what she thinks is the perfect toy, she latches onto it and is ready to leave. We let her take it to the register counter and she really tries to be patient while the clerk is ringing up her toy. She watches contently and as soon as her Papa hands down the toy to her she grabs it and is ready for the front door! She will strut out that door like she is on a mission and heads straight for the car. Lucy loves her toys and we will continue to take her shopping. Shopping is not the only thing she likes to do! We can add swimming and playing ball in our pool. Lucy is a very unique little dog and is totally oblivious to her size. She thinks she is just as big as any of the big dogs and she will let them know it.”

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