Tiny dog leaves competition in the dust as she sets agility speed record

Tiny dogs have to be the sweetest four-legged pals we could ask for. And as many believe how they are not really as obedient as the large breeds when it comes to training, cute Gabby the Papillon proves them wrong.

This lovely dog not only looks adorable, but she is an amazing competitor that leaves her competition in dust.

Recently, she took part at the Westminster 2019 Masters Agility Championship and set the speed record for the smallest division (8″ class).

If you found Winky the Bichon Frise adorable, Gabby’s determination to end up first in the race will make you fall in love with her strong personality. She finished the course in just 39.31 seconds. Her handler, Andrea Samuels, did an amazing job supporting little Gabby throughout the whole routine.

Many people agree how Gabby is Usain Bolt in the dogs’ world, while others add how the cutie pie’s speed and elegance resemble that of a Cheetah.

This is a must watch. You are going to be amazed.

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