He Gets On The Train To Work Like He Always Does – Now Watch Who Sits Down Next To Him Today

We all know the saying that “dogs are man’s best friend,” and it’s easy to write it off as a tired old cliché. However, every now and again something happens that reminds us that there’s a whole lot of truth in the expression, no matter how often it’s said.

Just look at Thomas McCormack and his dog Paddy, a male labrador collie cross. These two are very close, but Thomas didn’t know just how much his pup loved him until one day when he boarded the train to go to work and got a huge surprise!

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It was an ordinary day for British handyman Thomas McCormack. He got ready for work, made sure his dog Paddy was secure in the backyard, and headed to the train station for his daily commute.

However, a few seconds after he sat down on the train, he was astounded to find Paddy walking up and sitting beside him!


He wondered how his dog had escaped, and suddenly other recent incidents came to mind, particularly the handful of times he’d arrived home to find Paddy waiting for him at his front door.

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Thomas asked his neighbors if they’d noticed anything, and they told him they’d seen Paddy jumping on the trampoline in his backyard and launching himself over the fence!


Thomas thinks Paddy had likely been trying to follow him to work for a number of days, but that particular one was just the first time the dog had successfully caught up with him before his train left!

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While he’s glad Paddy likes spending time so much with him, Thomas is now looking into options to keep Paddy safe and sound in the backyard while he’s at work.


Boy, this is like a modern day version of Hachiko! Never underestimate the unconditional love of a dog. Love it!

Watch Thomas describe the adorable incident in the video below!

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