Think animals are cute when they do this? Instead, you should be sounding the alarm immediately

Have you ever seen a dog or cat pushing their head against a flat wall? To some, the spectacle is simply another thing to fawn over; another thing their pet does that’s adorably cute.

However, all pet owners need to be made aware that if they see their four-legged friend doing it, they must sound the alarm immediately.

Not enough people know that a dog or cat pushing its head against a wall can be a sign of a potentially fatal problem. If you witness it, take them to the vets immediately.

Foto: Reddit

The phenomenon, know as “head pressing”, involves the animal using its forehead to push against a wall or floor. The question most people ask: Why are they doing it?

Often it can be an effort to reduce the discomfort the animal is in.

There could be several reasons as to why a pet behaves in such a way, but it’s often due to either a neurological disease or injury, an inflammation/infection, or some sort of toxic poisoning.


So, if you have a pet that’s pushing its head against a wall, it’s important to keep a close eye on them and check to find out what it could be. This applies not only to cats and dogs, but also to other animals such as horses, goats and cows.


Other indicators that your pet may be suffering from neurological problems include them walking in circles, getting persistent cramps, having impaired vision, exhibiting slow reflexes, and any noticeable changes in behavior.

It’s important that you keep an eye on your animals and don’t just ignore factors that might signify an issue.

Please looks out for your animals, and always monitor their behavior. Dogs and cats can’t communicate issues like we can, and have different methods of indicating there may be a problem.

As a result, this sort of knowledge can save lives! Please help us by spreading this further so all owners can access this vital information.

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