They Grip Each Other Tight In Corner Of Kill-Shelter On Disease Infested Floor

When a dog is brought to a high-kill shelter, they face an inevitable fate. Most are not adopted.

Dog shelters are a scary place. They are loud with the constant barks and heartbreaking cries of scared dogs.

These canines are forced to remain caged and sleep on concrete floors.

Source: Funky Smile/Youtube

Thankfully rescue groups and no-kill shelters are on call to help. They have volunteers who scour the internet for dogs they can save.

They make constant phone calls to inquire about potential lives they can change. And even some kill shelter volunteers reach out to them hoping to save lives.

Source: Funky Smile/Youtube

Texas is one state that has an abundance of kill-shelters that are overrun and overcrowded. They will euthanize the most unhealthy, unadoptable first to make room for more dogs.

You cannot imagine how many dogs pass through their doors. It would break your heart over and over again.

The sweet puppies in this story were sadly at the top of the list. Because they were so neglected, their health was poor and they were not so nice to look at.

Healthier, cuter dogs have a better chance of being adopted. So, of course, these dogs faced that impending needle. But then, by the grace of God, a savior saw their photos online.

Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook

The co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Stacey Silverstein, saw a video of the puppies clinging to one another, while a third. . . WOW, watch this video >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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