This canine may have a sort of sad expression, but do not be alarmed. It is only appearance, because it is cocky and loves to do what it wants.

The Pekingese is a small, compact and heavy dog, measuring between 5.90 inches and 9.84 inches in height at the withers and weighing 4.4 to 17.6 pounds.

It is very independent and educating it is not easy. Nevertheless, it manages to be a faithful and attentive dog with its master.

It has an abundant, long and even rough coat. It is originally from Beijing, China and enjoys spending its time with a toy.

But, beware… these toys must be flat because the Pekingese has a flat snout that could make it impossible to bite a ball no matter how small.

They get hot easily, and if you have or want to have one, take for granted that if you must exercise, the weather has to be cool if you do not want to see its bad side. It is really annoyed by the heat.

But, anyway, they are adorable and having the company of a puppy is unparalleled.

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