The Pomeranian is a truly adorable breed. It can measure up to to 8.66 inches and a weight about 7.7 pounds. They are outgoing, intelligent, energetic and curious pets.

Despite having a dense and almost stiff coat which should be brushed once a week, we have to recognize that it is a characteristic that makes it look unique and charming.

It is a breed that belongs to the family of Spitz dogs and got its name in Pomerania, Germany where it comes from.

This puppy with pointy ears is a perfect pet and does not require much care.

There is a variety of Pomeranian colors to choose from: white, black, brown, grey, and cinnamon.

Anyway, even the famous Kim Kardashian chose to give her daughter North a dog of this breed for her birthday.

Is it not adorable? We are sure that if you adopt a Pomeranian, you will not regret it.

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