Mailman Sees Senior Dog Can’t Climb Stairs, Goes Out Of Way To Build Him A Ramp

Karen Dimetrosky from Boulder, Colorado, always knew that her mailman, Jeff Kramer, was a huge dog-lover.

For years, she had witnessed the heartwarming friendship blossom between the mailman and her sweet Black Labrador, Tashi.

Tashi would eagerly run to the mail truck and greet the mailman with loving cuddles every single time!

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But with age, Tashi started losing his agility and soon he wasn’t able to run and play around like before. That’s when Jeff came up to Karen and enquired after Tashi.

When he realized that the 14-year-old pooch was having a hard time moving about due to his old age, Jeff immediately offered to build a ramp for him to move around!

Jeff confessed that he had lost his senior dog, Odie, a few years ago. He felt that helping Tashi would be a great way for him to honor Odie’s memories.

Previously, Karen and her family always had to carry the 70-pound Tashi up and down the stairs. So they were incredibly grateful for Jeff’s wonderful gesture!

Source: DailyCamera Photo/YouTube

Thanks to the brand new ramp, Tashi doesn’t have to worry about the stairs anymore. He can move in and out to greet his favorite mailman again without worrying about his joints.

In a world where animals are being abused at every corner, compassionate people like Jeff are truly a blessing. Thank you Jeff, for making Tashi’s life so much better!

Click the video below to watch how Jeff’s thoughtful gesture changed Tashi’s life for the better!

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