Cam Footage Shows Dog Dragging His Bed Over To Comfort Sick Brother

Since the day they first met, Spanky and Roman have been the best of friends and inseparable pals. Spanky has always looked up to Roman as a big brother and would do absolutely anything for him.

So when Roman’s ear got infected and started to swell up, Spanky was there to have his back!

Source: Jackie Rogers/The Dodo

It turned out Roman had a hematoma on his ear and needed surgery to fix it. And the ear progressively got worse as he waited for the operation making Roman feel more and more under the weather.

It was around this time that Spanky took it upon himself to pay extra attention to his doggy brother and be even more gentle with him.

Source: Jackie Rogers/The Dodo

For now, all the family could do for Roman was make sure he was as comfortable as he could possibly be.

They’d also keep a constant eye on the dogs during the day when no one was home with the indoor Ring security camera. And one day, it caught something truly special…

Spanky could be seen on the footage dragging his dog bed all the way over to Roman to offer him a place to rest. In the next frame, the two dogs were on it cuddling together!

Spanky has his brother’s best interests at heart, and Roman’s so lucky to have him.

See the footage in full in the video below:

H/t: The Dodo

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