Dog Saves A Baby Bird From The Backyard And Can’t Stop Smiling

Viviana Davila was relaxing out back of her home in Puerto Rico with her dog, Hiro, when he suddenly ran over to the fence. Something had obviously captured his attention, and now the dog was licking at it.

Hiro kept at it until he could get Mom’s attention. She then went to check it out and saw that it was a baby bird.

Viviana Davila

The bird was defenseless and needed help. Hiro did his part to save the bird, but his work wasn’t done! Viviana ended up taking the bird to a vet where she learned it was a baby Quaker parrot. And it was paraplegic, most likely from falling from its nest. The bird would not have made it long all alone out there on the ground.

Viviana Davila

Normally, the vet would recommend birds in this condition being put down. But Hope, as Viviana had named her, was seemingly striving to live. So the bird went home to live with Hiro and Mom!

Viviana would follow instructions from the vet to care for her the best she could, and the loving dog would also lend a paw. 🙂

Viviana Davila

After a week-and-a-half in their home, Hope was doing much better! Hiro hasn’t left her side since, and he’s been very attentive and caring the entire time.

The bird’s little body has been getting stronger with each passing day, and it’s become Hiro’s purpose to see this rescue through!

Viviana Davila

Hiro insisted on helping and has now become the bird’s big brother!

An unlikely friendship has blossomed between the two, and the hope is the bird will continue to thrive in this new life.

But one thing is for sure, Hiro is a hero!

H/T – The Dodo

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