Abused Mama Dog Missed Her Little Babies, Then She Looked Out Of Her Crate

Life had always been hard for this Dachshund-mix mama dog. She had spent her entire life being abused by her cruel owner, and when she got pregnant and gave birth to a litter, her babies were cruelly taken away from her, sinking her into further depression and hopelessness.


When the animal rights group “Sidewalk Specials” heard about her seven sick, flea and worm ridden puppies, they immediately rushed to the location and rescued her puppies from the owner.

But the owner refused to part with the mama dog.


After lots of negotiation and arguments with the owner, he finally relented and handed over the mama dog to the rescuers.

But this was just the beginning of the ordeal the rescue group were to face.


Back at the rescue center the malnourished mama dog was sent for treatment but the vet only gave her a fifty-fifty chance for survival as she was still deeply depressed from missing her puppies.

So the rescuers decided to give her a little surprise, and boy did the surprise work!

Check out the video below to find out how the rescuers surprised the mama dog, and how it helped her get out if her shell!

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