Dog Who Looks Like Snoopy Winning Hearts Across The Globe

Bayley the dog is winning the hearts of the Internet for her uncanny resemblance to Snoopy, the beloved Peanuts cartoon character.

Bayley isn’t a beagle like Snoopy is in the comic strip. She’s actually a mini “sheepadoodle,” which is a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and miniature Poodle.

But her black and white fur, big black button nose and adorable face sure make her look like Snoopy!

Bayley is just one year old and her family regularly posts photos of her looking so darn cute on Instagram.

When one of her pictures got recently posted on the Instagram account Doodle Dogs Club with a picture of Snoopy next to her, the similarity became even more obvious.

Fans instantly remarked on the similarity. “Omg looks like a real life snoopy,” one fan wrote.

“I know she’s not a beagle but I immediately thought of Snoopy,” another fan commented.

Bayley went viral soon after, appearing in multiple news channels and on social media, winning her many new fans.

But it doesn’t look like fame has gone to her head.

And she’ll be turning 2 years old in May so it seems her puppy good looks are here to stay!

You can follow Bayley’s Instagram for more adorable photos!

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