Senior Bulldog Gets His Own Personal Stairlift

The invention of the stairlift changed the lives of many people. Primarily, elderly people with conditions that make walking or exercising difficult have benefitted from the stairlift, but dogs also suffer many of the same physical issues as they get older.

That’s why a senior Bulldog named Hank got a stairlift of his own.

Hank’s person Brandon Raper posted a YouTube video of Hank riding his personalized elevator chair down the stairs of their home.

At the time, he estimated that Hank was between 7 and 9 years old. Since they got him as a former stray in 2012, they couldn’t be sure exactly.

“Hank is getting up there in age and needed a way to get up and down the stairs. This was custom made just for him!”

Screenshot, @Brandon Raper/YouTube

Hank also suffered from a rare heart condition, so the lift made it easier for him to safely climb or descend.

Strenuous exercise, like climbing the stairs, can put dogs with heart conditions at severe risk. It also leaves older dogs with joint issues susceptible to further injury or possible slips and falls.

Screenshot, @Brandon Raper/YouTube

The lift has a door that remains closed as Hank goes up or down. When he reaches his destination, one of his people can open it for him. Clearly, a lot of care was put into this project, from the sticker decor to the functionality. Hank’s people really care!

Watch Hank take an assisted trip down the stairs below:

As many have pointed out, part of the charm of this video is Hank’s calm expression. The miracle of technology and love of his people is just day to day for him.

The Things We’d Do For Our Pups

Other commenters on the viral video of Hank and his stairlift were touched by the love and dedication these parents demonstrated. That lead to swapping stories about the ways we’ve gone above and beyond for our senior pups.

“We had a very nice, heavy duty set of steps built for beside the bed so our doggie with a bad neck wouldn’t have to jump up or down. All 3 use it and all 3 sleep with us! – Laura Bayliss Simmons via Facebook

“We built a carpeted covered ramp so that our Gordons could up on our bed. We also used it for getting in the van. Made things so much easier for them.” – Barb Thompson via Facebook

“My bully is getting older and my boys need to lift her when she can’t get where she wants to be. We’d do anything for our princess bulldog.” – Dana Witman via Facebook

If you’ve ever built a transport system for your dog, you’re in good company.

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