Woman confronts her dog about her missing glasses. Her dog’s reaction has gone viral

Owning a dog is so wonderful. In fact, they really own us. Dogs are really quite amazing. Especially how they can charm their way out of many situations, especially when they’re up to no good. Like any “kid,” they hide their guilt about as well as a hippo could hide under a car.

This has to do with their socialization. Dogs, like humans, are extremely social and aim to please their pack. Any negative attention makes them feel isolated so they do what they can to keep everyone happy. Explains a lot, right?

For Rooney, keeping the peace is his first priority. Even if that means hiding any evidence of his wrongdoings. His human was missing her reading glasses and eventually suspected Rooney may be responsible for their demise.

After finding them chewed up, without their lenses, in the garden, she calls Rooney over to have a chat.

Rooney’s response to the age old question, “Did you do this?” is absolutely perfect. No wonder so many of us love dogs. The very end of the video is the BEST PART. Rooney could probably get away with anything in my house!

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