Rescuers carry dog down “extremely treacherous” trail after he was bitten by venomous snake

Rescuers carry dog down “extremely treacherous” trail after he was bitten by venomous snake

Many people like to take their dogs out on hikes, but sometimes nature can pose hidden dangers that can seriously harm our pets.

That was the case recently when one dog was injured by a copperhead snake bite on a hike — and a team of rescuers braved a “treacherous” trail to save him.

A dog was on a hike with his owner in Sleeping Giant State Park, in Hamden, Connecticut, when suddenly he became unable to walk. It was initially believed that he broke his leg.

According to a post from Hamden Animal Control, a team gathered to carry the dog to safety on a stretcher. The team included two firefighters, two animal control officers, the dog’s owner and a Good Samaritan.

It was no easy task: animal control said that the “terrain was extremely treacherous,” but they succeeded in carrying the dog down the trail. They gave a shout-out to the two firefighters, Mike Onofrio and J.P. Christini, who reportedly did most of the carrying.

In an update, Hamden Animal Control announced that the dog had not broken his leg as initially thought — he was actually bitten by a copperhead snake.

Copperheads are venomous and are a known presence in the state park, habitating the rocky hillsides, open woods and edges of swamps and meadows. While almost never fatal to humans, their bites can be deadly for dogs.

Hamden Animal Control said that anti-venom was administered, and they were monitoring the dog and hoping for a full recovery.

It was a cautionary story for local pet owners, who were urged to take precautions and remember that they share the trail with some venomous creatures.

Copperheads are known for their camouflage, making them difficult to spot on the ground. It’s not uncommon for people or animals to inadvertently step too close, resulting in a painful bite.

Officials said that while it can be difficult to avoid copperheads entirely, hikers can take some precautions.

“Just be aware of where you’re stepping before you step. Wear high top boots to protect yourself, they’re low to the ground,” Hamden Animal Control Supervisor Barbara Godejohn told WFSB.

“Keep your pets close to you. This is something that’s probably not avoidable. If you’re going to take your pet hiking, make sure you have the proper equipment and maybe have a snake bite kit with you, if you know you’re going to an area where venomous snakes are going to be.”

Thank you to everyone who braved the trail to save this dog! It’s a reminder to always be on alert for hidden dangers like copperhead snakes when you’re out hiking with your pet!

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