Old-Dog With “Gravel Scales” Felt Worthless And Hung His Head In Sorrow

Animal Aid received a call about an old dog all on his own. The poor boy was lying helpless as the rescuers approached. There were gravel “scales” where his skin should be.

Who knows how long this fella had been suffering for. The first rescuer knelt down and gave the pup something to eat. It was if he was given the world.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

The senior stray is then wrapped in a blanket and picked up gently. It’s time for him to go to their sanctuary to receive proper care. That spot he laid in to die was now behind him for good!

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

As they lie him on the table, his rescuers, in the video below, describe the dog as being “heart-broken.” It was as if he felt unworthy of their care.

From all the pain and loneliness, his spirit and heart are both broken. The video says, “his head hung low, full of sorrow.” It was time to change his life for the better so he could hold his head up high.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

They examined the pup some more and realized that the mange had gotten so advanced, it had caused secondary skin infections. His poor skin was so badly cracked that it bled.

He needed tender care. They inserted an I.V. for fluids, antibiotics, and pain management. They also start the dog on topical medication to be applied daily. It would help soften the scales of his skin.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

As time went on, the dog made excellent strides. But his head still hung so low. At bathtime, once he’s all done and feeling less pain, he allows one of his caregivers to embrace him.

He still doesn’t think he’s worthy of her affection, but his new human friends try to convince him otherwise.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

The dog, now named Ramu, makes a dramatic transformation on the outside AND on the inside! Seeing Ramu as he is now will warm you to the core.

We are so grateful for rescue groups like Animal Aid! So many lives are saved because of all the hard work they do.

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