He Decided She Didn’t Deserve To Eat, They Fought To Prove She Deserved The World

We say this time and time again yet there are still dog owners out there that don’t get it: DOGS ARE FAMILY. They rely on us just as our children do. So why not care for them? It’s simple. You bring a dog into your life, you give them what they need, and what they want.

Source: Rescue From The Hart/Youtube

We realize there are some people who don’t want to see stories like this one. But we must do our part to raise awareness. We must spread the word about the survivors to show the world that just because a dog goes through tragedy does not mean they are forever broken. Many people assume shelter dogs and dogs that survive abuse are not adoptable. Well, that just isn’t true!

This is Angel’s story. Angel was purposely starved and on the brink of death. She was rescued in the nick of time. Her organs had begun to shut down. As you can see from her face, she is in pain, weak and afraid. Every bone on her body painfully showed.

Source: Rescue From The Hart/Youtube

Angel’s body wasn’t just shutting down but so was she. Being unloved and mistreated for this long had really broken her down. But that was all about to change– now that she was in the care of loving people.

Source: Rescue From The Hart/Youtube

For a while, it was touch and go. At this stage of starvation, survival is uncertain. But she had really smart. . .  >> Click To Continue Reading This Story And Watch The Video!

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