Piglet escapes transport truck, gets rescued by troopers and finds a new forever home

A “lucky pig” named Pearl is now living her best life after getting loose from a transport truck and picked up by state troopers.

According to WSYX, the pig fell off a transport truck on Route 35 in Columbus, Ohio. It’s not clear where the truck was heading, but it’s possible that it was heading for a slaughterhouse — meaning Pearl made a life-saving escape.

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers picked the pig up from the side of road: she had some road rash but was otherwise unharmed.

Thankfully, the escaped piglet was not brought back to a slaughterhouse but to the Ross County Humane Society.

“She is currently crashing at an employee’s house who wanted to keep her but the husband said no to a 600lb pet,” the shelter wrote of the “lucky pig.” “We suggested divorce but it’s just not an option.”

After her dramatic escape and rescue, Pearl is getting a great new start: the humane society reported that she was going to a new home, where she will be with other pot bellied pigs, safe and sound.

No photo description available.
Facebook/Ross County Humane Society

“She will live out her life and not become pancetta,” Ross County Humane Society wrote.

“Pearl gets her own gated area, and she’ll be pampered until all the pigs get used to get used to her, and then she’ll become a lot bigger than them, and she, I’m assuming, will be the little alpha pig,” said Erica Cornwell, Pearl’s new owner, told WSYX.

“I was excited to come get her and give her a good home and not on someone’s plate,” she added.

Jenn Thomas, executive director of the Ross County Humane Society, said Pearl was a “fabulous, lucky pig.”

No photo description available.
Facebook/Ross County Humane Society

This is definitely one lucky pig! We’re so glad Pearl has a new home, thank you to everyone who rescued her!

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