20 People Foods You Can Safely Give Your Dog

Especially during the holiday seasons such as Thanksgiving and Christmas when the leftover table scraps are abundant, many dog owners tend to get generous in “sharing” the leftover foods with their furry babies.

Why not? It's the holiday giving/sharing spirit, right?

Well, it's ok to share as long as we know which human foods are good for dogs, and which aren't.

So before you start sharing your pumpkin pie with your dog, find out the everyday foods that are safe for dogs on the next page…

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3 thoughts on “20 People Foods You Can Safely Give Your Dog

  1. Although these are mostly safe foods for dogs to eat, you use many health benefits dogs do not receive. Their physiology is extremely different than humans and suggesting that giving them vitamins and minerals is not helpful. Take for example dogs make all their own vitamin c- so giving them extra can be hazardous to their systems. More research needs to be done before you should be giving advice on canine nutrution.

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