Most Intense Human Chain Ever Rescues Dog Stranded in Canal

It is always inspiring to see humanity shine through in the most impossible situations. In this breathtaking video, we see a group of strangers going out of their way to rescue a dog stranded in a deep reservoir.

As we see in this video, the dog is struggling to maintain his balance against the raging current. A brave man climbs down the reservoir and carefully paces toward the dog to save him. The man successfully retrieves the dog, but he has no idea how to get the dog back up to safety.

In those crucial moments, the bystanders watching the rescue decide to combine their efforts and work together to save them. While risking their lives, they lower themselves on the slippery wall one by one and start forming an incredible human chain!

However, in spite of all their efforts, the dog kept slipping down the steep concrete wall. Watch this video till the end to see how the brave heroes finally managed to beat all odds and save the dog’s life at the last moment. Moments like these reinstate our faith in humanity and uplift us with a true hope for a better world. Thank you, kind strangers!

Click the video below to watch how the strangers rose up to the occasion to save the helpless dog’s life!

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