Dog Yoga: Pup Is Really Happy To Be In His Mom’s Yoga Workout

One of the countless reasons why it’s awesome to own a dog is because they make great exercise buddies. Perhaps more reliable than your human gym partner – they’re usually full of energy and ready to rock!

There are tons of beneficial workouts you can do with a dog too. Walking, jogging, and swimming are common ways to burn calories together, but did you know that it’s even possible to do yoga with your pooch? Seriously, it’s called “doga!”

The woman in the video apparently hasn’t taken her Dalmatian to any “doga” classes yet…

Yoga is a form of exercise that’s healthy for your mind, body, and soul. What’s fantastic is you can do it in a class-setting, on the beach, at the park, or even in your own home.

But if you have a giant, playful dog hanging around it might not be so easy. While this pet owner is trying to do a plank, her pooch starts sniffing, nuzzling and messing up her concentration!


Naturally, the woman can’t help but crack up and she falls to her yoga mat.

When she tries to get back into the same plank pose it becomes apparent that it’s going to be one tricky (and hilarious) yoga session! The Dalmatian tries his hardest to reach his mom’s face, making her laugh even harder.


Yoga’s hard enough without an adorable pooch wanting attention. However, at one point, he stops to watch.

When the woman transitions into her next pose the canine stands to observe her for a few moments.

Maybe it’s because it’s the “downward dog,” or maybe he just has an interest in learning doga! Whichever way, it allows mom to get in a tiny bit of workout time.


Doga is a growing trend that allows you to combine two of your favorite things – yoga and your pooch!

Active explains on their website:

“Doga keeps many of the traditional, yet modified, hatha yoga poses and incorporates your four legged friend in with them. The practice focuses on gentle stretching, meditation, and dog massage.”

There are also benefits to the activity such as it strengthening your bond and helping calm your canine. According to Gaiam, it’s also just plain fun!


He’s been patient enough.

After the woman attempts another plank pose, the dog goes back to interrupting her at-home yoga session. Only this time, he does so in a different way.

He crawls underneath her belly and lays down like he’s got his own “mom fort.” By no surprise, she’s hysterical – especially since “Fido” is messing with her hands as well. From what it seems, there will be no planking in that house!


Let’s try another exercise.

Have you ever seen those giant dogs who seem to think they’re lapdogs? The Dalmatian in the video seems to be dealing with the same issue! He sits on his mom’s stomach looking cute as can be.


It’s even more comical when she tries to continue exercising and he doesn’t budge an inch.

This woman may not have been able to do her complete workout, but let’s face it – at least she got in some good laughter! It’s a hilarious yoga session video that’s been spreading far across the internet.


Watch what happens when you mix a funny Dalmation and yoga by pressing play below!

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