25 Most Expensive Dogs Money Can Buy

Some people are willing to pay top dollar for their furry friends.

Socialite Paris Hilton shelled out $25,000 for a pair of teacup Pomeranian puppies. The dogs were delivered to her Los Angeles home by a breeder from Calgary, who specializes in selling miniature dogs to a very exclusive and elite clientele.

Then there are Tibetan Mastiff puppies, which are 200-pound giants that are said by many in Central Asia and Tibet to have “lion’s blood.” One puppy was sold for around $2 million dollars.

The average family will probably not want to spend half the cost of a house on their dog, cute as it may be, but there are certain puppies that require a much bigger investment than others.

Using data from their dog breeds topic , PetBreeds looked at the average purchasing price of puppies by breed and found the 25 puppies that you can expect to spend the most on.

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