Dog Waits For His Owner To Leave The Room, Then Locks Door And Gets To Work

Morty the Australian Shepherd has an elaborate unwinding ritual every time his human leaves the room. He abundantly exploits all the cozy amenities of the room thinking he is one sneaky genius.

However, he has no idea Dad knows all about his little liberties (that was comfortably given away by the room’s hidden camera)!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

This video shows Morty’s freaky shenanigans whenever he is left alone! Morty senses Dad is about to leave, so he furtively watches Dad’s pace and waits for him to walk out of the room.

He then springs up on his paws and cautiously closes the door behind Dad to make sure he is by himself!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Morty’s first instinct is to dim the harsh bright lights in the room to a more laidback, mellow setting. He is super conscious about his refined preferences and is smart enough to figure out how switches work!

Once the aura of the room is to his liking, he jumps into his ultimate destination – Dad’s snug bed!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

While Morty is undoubtedly a clever boy, it is his hysterical antics on the bed that totally cracked us up! We won’t spoil it for you, but what he does with that blanket is absolutely mad!

Morty’s a heart stealer and his innocent “solitary napping protocol” is totally brilliant!

Click the video below to watch Morty going out of his way to make himself more comfortable after Dad leaves!

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