Man Builds A Mini Picnic Table For The Squirrel Visitors In His Yard

Rick Kalinowski has always enjoyed watching the squirrels in his yard, so he got the idea to craft them a little picnic table out of some wood he had lying around.

He nailed it to the fence and spreaded an assortment of nuts across the mini tabletop and waited…

Rick Kalinowski

For all of the enjoyment the squirrels have brought him over the years, he wanted to give back. And it didn’t take long before it’d start paying off!

The first fluffy-tailed visitor showed up and sat at the table much like a human would.

Rick Kalinowski

The tiny picnic table was placed where Rick could see them right outside the doorway as he gets his coffee in the morning. Now they’re all breakfast companions!

Rick Kalinowski

It’s a win for all involved! What a great idea and amazing gesture. 🙂

h/t – The Dodo

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