Man Has To Go Undercover At Night To Avoid Angry Locals When Feeding The Stray Cats

Glen Venezio moved to Puerto Rico over a decade ago, and it shocked him to see so many stray cats just roaming the streets. He wanted to do something to help these animals and decided to use his own money and any donations from fellow animal lovers to feed them. But this would not go over well with the locals.

In fact, it got so bad that the local residents would yell at him for his gesture. He would then have to go out at night to try and avoid the backlash and harassment. At one point, a police officer even had to start accompanying him on his route.

Source: Barcroft/YouTube

Glen said that once he opened his eyes to the problem, he just couldn’t close them and pretend these animals weren’t out there suffering all alone.

How do you feel about this man’s actions? Whose side are you on?

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