Cop Spends His Own Savings To Care For Retired And Neglected K9s

Officer Bai Yan had served as part of a Chinese police department for 13 years having worked with many K9 partners along the way. So when he learned the truth about what happened with these dogs after retirement, he was appalled. Rather than going on to live normal lives like other dogs, most of these K9s were starved and neglected with some even being euthanized before considered for forever homes.

Source: CGTN/YouTube

He felt it was his duty to do something about this, so he spent one million yuan ($150,000) of his own savings to build a proper place for retired K9s to stay and be cared for. A total of 26 dogs have checked through his retirement facility with one even beating cancer during its stay after vets had given up!

Source: CGTN/YouTube

Bai Yan is now retired from the police force spending all of his time tending to the dogs in his sanctuary. See the full story in the video below and learn more about his new purpose in life! 🙂

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