Mama Dog Is Sad When 7 Pups Die In Fire. Then They Showed Mama A Litter Of Orphans

Jessica Woodruff had always been an animal lover. So when her barn caught fire, she had to face one of the most tragic moments of her life.

In February 2017, Jessica’s barn accidentally caught fire from a heat lamp that was put there to keep the animals warm.

The fire killed four goats, a pig and a new-born litter of seven puppies. The puppies were just 3 weeks old when the incident happened.

As soon as the fire broke out, the mommy dog Daisy, a Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix, tried to run into the barn to save her pups.

But the fire had spread too quickly and Jessica had to hold Daisy back, lest she ended up losing Daisy to the fire too.

Facebook/Daisy Woodruff

The fire spread so fast and big that everything was over within minutes. There was nothing Jessica or Daisy could do, and it broke their hearts.

Over the next few days Daisy plunged into depression, and she would walk over to the burnt down barn repeatedly and whine for her puppies.

Watching Daisy in so much emotional pain destroyed Jessica. She knew she had to do something before she lost Daisy too.

Jessica’s sister Jacque Barnett put up a post on Facebook looking for orphan puppies they could foster. Coincidently, a woman named Lorna Murphy’s 5-year-old dog Chloe had died after giving birth to 8 puppies.

The women on both sides decided to change their tragedies into happiness for their dogs, and a meeting was quickly set up so Daisy could be introduced to the new-born puppies.

Daisy’s maternal instincts immediately kicked in and she began feeding the puppies.

Facebook/Daisy Woodruff

Daisy took care of the puppies for several weeks until they were all weaned. Most of the puppies were returned to their owner, except the runt of the litter, who they named Benji.

We’re so happy Daisy found some happiness after her terrible loss, and Lorna’s puppies found a new mommy after theirs had passed away.

Click the video to watch her story below.

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