Officers Find Two Severely Emaciated Dogs On Repeat Visit To Woman’s Home

Ever since the pandemic began, police officers are seeing more and more cases of animal abuse and neglect.

Thanks to good Samaritans and concerned citizens speaking up for those without a voice, many of the animals are saved from horrific situations.

Thanks to someone filing an animal cruelty report recently in Laredo, Texas, two helpless dogs are out of harm’s way.

When police officers arrived at 67-year-old Irma Elva Sanchez’s home, they discovered a “severely malnourished” grey Pit Bull chain up all alone in the woman’s front yard. This was the second time the officers responded to the home for a complaint of animal abuse.

Source: Lucianna Coelho/Unsplash

“I observed the pitbull trembling due to the cold weather, and it did not have a proper shelter,” the officer wrote in the official affidavit.

The officer saw the dog’s ribs and spine, even though a neighbor had placed a small amount of food in the animal’s bowl.

Sanchez arrived home while officers were with the dog, and she initially claimed the Pit Bull did belong to her. She also went on to say she fed the dog but thought the animal was infested with worms.

“The owner stated that she currently is not financially stable and (is) unable to seek the proper treatment with a veterinarian or turn them over to a shelter due to Animal Control charging her a $30 fee for the K-9 to get transported,” per the affidavit.

Source: Voice For Us/Facebook

Sanchez told officers another dog was in her backyard in the same condition. They found a Doberman Pinscher in the same condition as the Pit Bull, who was lying on the ground, chained up, with feces everywhere.

Sanchez was arrested and released on a $2,000 recognizance bond. She faces a year in jail, a $4,000 fine, or both. Sadly, the crime is a misdemeanor, but hopefully, this will stop her from harming any animals in the future.

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