Jack Russell Makes Up His Own Routine At Agility Show, Wins Everyone Over

Crufts Dog show, which has been around for more than a century, is usually a place where dogs and their trainers show off their hard work and year-long dedication to perfect the agility course.

But Olly, the adorable Jack Russell Terrier, had other plans. He, with his dare devil attitude, decided to shake things up a bit during his turn in the ring!

Plucky little Olly, who was competing in the “Rescue Dog Agility” category,  began his run by nose-diving at the very first obstacle, but quickly picked himself up and decided he was just going to have fun instead. He tore through the course, treating it like his own personal amusement park. His trainer, Karen, watched helplessly and kept trying to get Olly to run the course properly.

But Olly didn’t care. Olly was here to have fun and boy did he have a blast! He even went the wrong way through obstacles and paused to sniff at interesting corners.

Though he didn’t win any prizes that day, Olly definitely stole the show! Watch his hilarious antics by clicking play on the video below.

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