There’s A Real Dog Hiding Among All Of The Fake Ones

Mom and Dad got some fake dogs to set up for Kakoa’s fourth birthday party, and it was such a hit that they kept the blow-up toys around after the festivities were all over with.

And it was Kakoa’s doggy sister, Sky, who made it into a game of hide-and-seek!

Her parents loved the idea and decided to make a TikTok video to challenge everyone to find the dog. And it’s really harder than it should be!

Watch it below and see if you can find her among the imposters…

If you’ve given up and would just like the answer, scroll on below for the reveal in picture form…

One last chance to turn back. 

There she is! What a silly Husky. Did you find the dog on your own? Share this with your friends and family and compare results!

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