Parents Worry For Missing Dog, Find Out He Ran Miles To His Favorite Daycare

Hugo, a friendly and social Lab mix, left his parents in a state of panic when he suddenly went missing. While a pet running away from home is frightening in so many ways, in Hugo’s case, it turned out to be one sweet road trip!

Source: Happy Tails Pet Hotel and Playland/Facebook

Hugo was a pooch on a mission when he set out from his north St. Louis County home. While his parents were looking for him all over, he was happily making his way to “Happy Tails Pet Hotel and Playland” in St. Ann, Missouri, which was more than a mile away from his home.

Hugo was captured bolting into the daycare facility by their security camera. He made a beeline to his daycare buddies, happily exchanging greetings and joining in to play! The staff was glad that Hugo was safe, and quickly made a call to his family.

Source: Happy Tails Pet Hotel and Playland/Facebook

Apparently, Hugo is a frequent boarder at the facility. But it was his special love for his friends that made him cover the long and difficult journey on his own. He must have missed them a lot!

Source: Happy Tails Pet Hotel and Playland/Facebook

When Hugo’s dad came to pick him up, he burst out laughing at the hilarious antics of his adventurous pet. We must say we are in awe of Hugo’s accurate navigation skills, considering that he had always traveled that road in a vehicle! Isn’t he a smart boy?

Click the video below to watch the runaway Hugo’s amusing story!

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