He Records Himself Holding His Pit Bull. When He Starts To Sing, I Lost It

Back in 2007, NFL quarterback Michael Vick was indicted for running an interstate dog-fighting ring. The news received widespread media attention because of the nature of the situation. Vick was one of the NFL’s brightest stars, but he was forcing innocent pit bulls to fight for their lives, just so others could gamble on the winner.

Hector, the pit bull in the video below, was one of Vick’s 51 fighting dogs. He was rescued during a raid on Vick’s property and was eventually adopted by a Roo and Clara, a loving couple in Minnesota.

You can see Roo sing Hector a lullaby that puts him to sleep. The result is simply priceless. The way Hector looks up at Roo melts my heart. I’m so glad this amazing moment was caught on camera. Hector has come along way. After being forced to fight other dogs, he’s finally found the love and care that every animal deserves.

After being rescued, Hector became a loving family member as well as a certified therapy dog who visited schools in order to teach children how to properly interact with other dogs.

Unfortunately, Hector passed away from cancer in October 2014. But in the time he was on this earth, Hector touched numerous lives.

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