Harpy Eagle Is So Huge That People Often Mistake It For A “Human In Costume”

Harpy eagles are among the largest and strongest birds of prey in the world.

They’re named after “harpies”, the mighty half-human and half-bird creatures from Greek mythology.



Time and again, the internet has been spooked out by Harpy eagles’ extraordinary human-like gaze and stature.

In fact, these huge birds always get mistaken for being a human in an eagle’s costume!

These flying giants can weigh up to 22 lbs, while their wingspan reaches well over 7 feet!

They love building nests high up in the tallest trees. Explorers say these nests are big enough for a grown human to sleep in!



Another remarkable feature of Harpy eagles is their double-crest feathers that fan out when threatened.

Their legs are as thick as a toddler’s wrist while their hooked claws are almost the size of a human hand!


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Harpy eagles are found primarily in Central and South America, although their presence has been registered across all the major rainforests. Their types are usually American and Papuan.



Over the decades, the people who have had encounters with Harpy eagles were left stunned by the bird’s esoteric beauty.

They manage to look ferocious, wise and goofy, all at the same time!




Harpy eagles sit right at the top of the food chain, and are hardly ever threatened by another wild animal.

They have a natural lifespan of 25 – 35 years, but humans remain a major threat to their existence with their hunting sport activities, deforestation and expansion of civilization.

Let’s spread the word and show our whole-hearted support toward the protection of these majestic creatures!

Click the video below to learn about the vital role Harpy eagles play in our ecosystem!

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