Grizzly Bear Belly Flops Into Pool, Then Smiles For The Camera

If you’re having a bad day, close your eyes and picture a giant, fuzzy-wuzzy, Grizzly Bear doing an epic belly flop into a backyard swimming pool.

Or, you could just watch this video and be delightfully entertained.

Source: singlevisioninc/YouTube 

This cutie has the grace of an elephant as he climbs up the pool ladder and hurls himself into the refreshing blue water below. And it’s killing me with adorableness.

I’m pretty sure he’s smiling when he surfaces. Just a big old animal having a summer blast.

Source: singlevisioninc/YouTube 

Just look at that grin! Talk about having all the feels!

Source: singlevisioninc/YouTube 

Grizzly Bears are great swimmers. In their natural habitat, they are hunters of fish among other things. They are also known to be very playful.

Spotted by many playing with their siblings and other family members, it’s no surprise that this big guy is all about having a good time.

Source: singlevisioninc/YouTube 

Some things are just plain adorable and fun to watch. If this doesn’t give your mood a pick-me-up, you should probably check your pulse.

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