Frightened Girl Is Cornered By Two Men. Then The Men See Something That Frightens Them!

Georgia Bradley, from Plymouth University in England, happily sacrificed fine dining for Ramen noodles so she could save up for a well-deserved vacation. Greece was calling her name. With its beautiful beaches, sunshine and laid-back lifestyle, Georgia knew that Greece was the perfect place for a relaxing getaway.

While going for a stroll by herself on a long stretch of beach, Georgia encountered two men that asked her to join them for drinks. But something about their request and their behavior seemed off. Georgia got that gut feeling for good reason! As soon as she turned the men down, their demeanor changed and one of them grabbed her by the arm.

Being all alone in this type of situation is truly a nightmare! Georgia felt her life flash before her eyes. Even if she yelled for help, it wouldn’t matter. She was too far away from other people.

Then, out of nowhere, a dog appeared! The stray dog began barking at the men, loudly! The dog was NOT backing down and the men got scared and ran away. That gave Georgia the opportunity to make a run for it too… in the other direction! Back toward her friends.

Georgia was so focused on getting out of there that she didn’t even realize the dog had followed her all the way back to the apartment where she was staying. Georgia pet the dog and thanked her over and over. They became best friends. Their bond was so strong that when it was time for Georgia to leave and she got into a car to head to the airport, the dog ran behind it. The scene was heartbreaking.

Once home, Georgia felt a piece of her was missing. She knew that she and her hero dog belonged together. So, two weeks later, she went back to Greece to look for her four-legged savior. It took some effort, but Georgia finally found her canine protector. She officially adopted her and gave her the cutest name… Pepper 🙂

Dogs never fail to amaze me. They do so much and ask for so little. This dog didn’t even know Georgia but she DID know that she needed help and didn’t hesitate. Pepper, you’re the greatest!

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