Boy Makes A Wheelchair Out Of Legos For Puppy With No Front Legs

Little Gracie was originally dumped at a vet office covered in maggots. She had no front legs due to a birth defect.

The vet reached out to a local rescue called Mostly Mutts, and they found her the perfect forever home with a loving family. 🙂

Her fur brother was paralyzed, and he would help drag Gracie from place to place. But Mom knew she needed a wheelchair, and one that could preferably grow alongside the growing pup.

So she asked 12-year-old volunteer Dylan to build a chair from Legos!

And it was a life-changer. Gracie was now able to get around on wheels! As she grew, a new version of the Lego chair was made.

Once she hit the age where she quit growing, she got a permanent, forever wheelchair. Check it out in the video below! 🙂

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