Mom Asks German Shepherd To Pick Out Favorite Toy, His Choice Is Too Sweet For Words

As dog parents, it’s hard not to spoil your fur babies. Whether it’s buying them yummy treats, or fun new toys, it’s always wonderful to see our dog’s excited reactions when they receive these little gifts. If you’re like most dog owners, your dog probably has a box full of expensive toys you’ve purchased for them.

Even though dogs might have six, twelve, or twenty toys — they tend to always have one that is their absolute favorite. Maverick the German Shepherd’s choice of toy has the internet swooning.

In the priceless video below, Maverick is sitting in his family’s living room next to a dog bed with a giant pile of colorful toys lying on top of it. His mom has the camera rolling as she asks the beautiful dog a seemingly simple question.

“Out of all of these toys, which one do you like the most?” she asks Maverick.

The jet black pooch sits in contemplation for a moment as him mom urges him to find his favorite toy out of the large pile of plush and squeaky playthings. At first, it seems like it’s a tough decision that he has to make — after all, he appears to have a couple dozen toys to choose from.

Maverick wanders over to the dog bed and plucks a rolled up piece of paper off the top of the toy pile and happily trots away with his prized possession.

Out of all the brightly colored, noise-making toys, Maverick chose a piece of paper that should have probably been in the trash instead of hiding amongst the stuffed animals. However, for some reason, the funny dog seemed to just be enthralled with it.

Maverick prances over to his other dog bed and proceeds to lay down with his ‘treasure.’ It isn’t long before he starts to pull the crunchy-sounding paper apart, tearing and biting it into tiny shreds. His mom sighs in the background of the video, but she can’t help but love her pup’s silly choice of toy.

It’s really not surprising that the funny dog decided on such a humble choice in plaything. German Shepherds are happy, intelligent, and loyal dogs who would be content just sitting by your side all day long with no toys at all.

Watch Maverick’s precious antics in the video below. At least his mom knows that she can save some money and stick to a much simpler form of entertainment!

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