Someone Left A Dog Tied In The Woods With Empty Bowls And A Crate For Survival

A three-year-old German Shepherd cried out for help for days hoping someone would hear her, and someone finally took notice. The dog was tied in the woods and left with nothing other than some empty bowls and a crate for survival. She’d hoped her owner would return, but that wasn’t going to happen.

But when a nearby resident heard the dog barking, she reported it to animal control. Alex Kelly, an animal control officer with New Jersey’s Irvington Township, responded to the call and asked how long the dog had been there. The woman said, “I’m going to be honest with you, the dog’s been back there at least three days,” according to The Dodo.

Alex Kelly

Alex rushed to the scene to meet with the local, but the dog was gone when they searched the area. But then Alex saw a little brown head peeking over a thicket from across the river.

Alex Kelly

Alex made his way over and asked around the apartment complex for information on the dog. But no one was willing to help. They didn’t want to come out and say whose dog it was.

The poor German Shepherd was bound to a tree by a thick cable which had wrapped around her leg. She could only sit there in trash with her empty bowls and plastic crate.

Alex Kelly

When Alex approached, he realized just how tightly the cable was wrapped around the dog’s leg. Another day or so, and she probably would’ve ended up having to have her leg removed.

Alex Kelly

Alex worked to gain the dog’s trust as he put a snare around her neck to help remove the cord. He threw away the crate and bowls to discourage anyone from ever dumping a dog there again.

The German Shepherd was a little timid and hesitant at first, but she quickly came around as if she realized the man was there to help. By the time they got back to the animal shelter in Newark, the sweet girl’s true personality was shining through.

Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter

They named her Genesis to signify a new beginning. She was examined and given plenty of water and food and was transferred to the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter where they could tell the dog hadn’t had the easiest life, even before she had been abandoned. They figured Genesis was used for breeding and then thrown out like garbage when no longer needed.

Despite all she’d been through, Genesis loves everyone and is the sweetest dog you could ever imagine. In fact, it didn’t take long for her to win over a family. Just a few weeks after her rescue, Genesis was adopted into a loving forever home. 🙂

h/t The Dodo

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