Firemen Reach Out To Pit Bull Stranded On Thin Ice But The Ice Starts Cracking

Tulsa fireman Nick Swainston noticed two dogs stranded on an icy pond along Mingo creek during his daily morning round.

When he went over to investigate, he saw a German Shepherd casually trotting over the thin ice, and a black Pit Bull sitting motionless in the middle of the pond.

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Source: KJRH/YouTube

Nick had some chicken with him, which he used to try and lure the dogs back to safety. While the German Shepherd quickly walked back to land, the Pit Bull was not so sure. She refused to budge from her spot and Nick could see fear written all over her face.

Nick gathered his rescue team, and together they thought of various ways to reach out to the Pit Bull. A quick analysis proved that the dog’s fears weren’t unwarranted, as the rescuers could hear the ice continuously cracking bit by bit.

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Source: KJRH/YouTube

Finally, the rescuers got on a banana boat and dragged themselves over the thin ice. When they were close to the Pit Bull, the terrified girl sprinted toward them and got on their boat within seconds.

When she was finally back on land, she hugged her rescuers in relief and showered them with kisses!

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Source: KJRH/YouTube

Soon, the owners of the German Shepherd and the Pit Bull came forward to claim their missing dogs.

The Pit Bull is called Duchess, and her family has planned to host a small weekend reunion where she can thank the brave firefighters! We thank Nick and his amazing team for this courageous and tense rescue!

Click the video below to watch a report on Duchess’ tense rescue by the heroic fire crew!

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