Firefighters crawl across frozen river to save Shih Tzu who was trapped on ice

We’re in middle of winter, and the freezing weather can be a danger to our pets. There have been some cases of dogs accidentally falling through ice, becoming helplessly trapped in the frigid water below.

Thankfully, there are firefighters willing to step up and help these animals get to warmth and safety. That was the case this week, after a fire crew came to the rescue of a Shih Tzu trapped on ice.

According to, the dog became trapped on the frozen Seneca River in Lysander, New York, after chasing geese onto the ice.

The dog reportedly became stuck out there when its leash got caught in the ice. The Shih Tzu was unable to get back to land, and was helplessly stuck in the freezing cold. The dog was in danger of getting frostbite or worse.

But thankfully, one rescue crew from the Plainville Fire Department came to the rescue.

Photos show the firefighters carefully crawling on the ice to reach the dog:

According to a Facebook post by the department, the responders had specialized rescue equipment provided by the Northwest and Jordan Fire Departments.

After crawling out to get the dog, the firefighters brought the Shih Tzu to safety. There was reportedly an ambulance waiting nearby, and it seems like this dog is going to be okay.

Thank you to these firefighters for going out of their way to save this little dog. We’re so glad he’s safe now, and hopefully will be more carefully next time he chases geese!

Thank these rescuers by sharing this amazing news!

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