Family Walks Into Shelter And Adopts Oldest Dog There – One Day, She Lets Them Know It’s Time

When it comes to adopting a dog, the first room that people always look at is the puppy room.

Everyone wants a puppy because they are cute and little. But puppies are also full of energy, which can lead to them chewing up items in your house and peeing all over your floors.

Did you know that senior pets are often overlooked and left unadopted in shelters? Because of this, many senior pets and euthanized if shelters run out of space.

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One family knew exactly what faced senior dogs in shelters and knew they had to bring a senior dog into their home.

Melissa Davis and her daughter Raven walked into a BARCs animal shelter in Baltimore with the sole purpose of adopting a senior pup.

That is where they met Kaylee, an 11-year-old American Staffordshire terrier who was brought to the animal shelter and surrendered by her owners when they could no longer afford the care for her.

“No one wants an old dog. People think that puppies are more energetic. I don’t want them to die in a shelter,” Melissa’s daughter, Raven, told the Baltimore Sun.

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The family took in Kaylee, despite her early kidney disease, a torn ACL, and thyroid carcinoma. They decided to adopt her and make her last days great.

Along with creating a Facebook page to document Kaylee’s bucket list, they entered Petco Foundation’s Holiday Wishes campaign and wound up winning a $10,000 grant for BARCS.

Melissa and Raven were thrilled they could give back to the folks who took care of Kaylee when her previous family no longer could.

The family dipped into the savings and vacation money to make sure they could care for Kaylee’s ailing health. Melissa’s children even offered to give up a trip to Disneyland if it meant that Kaylee was taken care of.

“She likes wearing costumes and she talks a lot. She’s a really fun dog,” Raven told the Baltimore Sun. “She kept trying to go around chasing squirrels. That was really fun.”

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Sadly, several months after she was adopted in May 2017, Kaylee has passed away. But not before checking off many things on her bucket list.

Kaylee got to sing songs with her friends, had a cheese buffet, ate a puppachino, and topped it all off with a brownie cake with bacon.

Melissa shared a heartfelt video of Kaylee’s adventures on Facebook, with the following caption:

I cried while making it. I cried while watching it. There’s a big hole in my heart without her here.

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A Goodbye to a Good Girl

I cried while making it. I cried while watching it. There's a big hole in my heart without her here.If you would like to honor Kaylee's life with a donation, we would love for you to visit the websites for Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland or BARCS Animal Shelter.

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