Angry Puppy Rebels As Overprotective Mama Dog Won’t Stop Following Him Around

Elvis the Bulldog puppy was born with a cleft lip that causes him to have a permanent sneer-face.

Being an “only puppy”, he always has to endure the overprotective antics of his doggie mama, Patches.

Over the past few days, the freedom-loving Elvis has acquired a taste for rebellion to deal with Patches’ “helicopter parenting”!

Source: Mary Ellen Brixey/YouTube

One day, Patches approaches her son after breakfast and starts pushing him around in hopes of making him learn to walk.

As Elvis crawls slowly with his fragile limbs, Patches intervenes to help him straighten his posture.

By now, Elvis is consumed with fury and he boldly confronts his mom for being too fussy with him!

Source: Mary Ellen Brixey/YouTube

Poor Patches is taken aback as she sees Elvis “attacking” her with a full-blown temper tantrum!

He jumps and turns around, and then “snarls and grunts” at the top of his lungs to make his feelings known to mom.

However, he only ends up letting out a series of very noisy squeaks! After a hilarious banter, Patches patiently backs off and lets her baby vent out his rage.

Source: Mary Ellen Brixey/YouTube

But the moment Elvis sees Patches retreating to a corner with a defeated face, he starts feeling sorry for her!

He sprints across the room and grabs his mama’s face with his tiny paws, and adorably places the sweetest kiss on her forehead!

Aww! This video will be the highlight of your day!

Click the video below to watch Elvis’ hilariously squeaky temper tantrum and his heart melting gesture at the end!

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