Dog Dies After Eating Treat With Common Additive, Grieving Mom Warns Pet-Parents

When Kate Chacksfield swapped the sugar in her brownie recipe for a low-calorie artificial substitute, she had no idea that this health conscious move would prove to be lethal for her beloved Hungarian Vizsla, Ruby.

Facebook/Kate Chacksfield

Ruby was a snacking queen, and she would often sneak in a few brownies from the kitchen. But even the toxic chocolate never did her any harm. But that unfortunate day, just two Xylitol laced brownies were enough to make her violently sick within 36 hours.

By the time Kate rushed Ruby to the vet’s, her liver had already given away. Within the next 8 days, Kate spent thousands of dollars to save Ruby, but her organs were damaged beyond repair, and she passed away.

Facebook/Kate Chacksfield

Kate was inconsolable after Ruby’s death. Ruby was a loving, playful girl, and it seemed so unfair to lose her like this. Kate eventually decided to channel her pain towards spreading awareness about artificial sweeteners.

Facebook/Kate Chacksfield

Xylitol is an alcohol-based sugar, often used in artificial sweeteners, to keep the calorie count low. But for dogs, even a small amount of it is poison. Xylitol is found in candies, jams and jellies, chewing gum and even peanut butter, among other foods.

Facebook/Kate Chacksfield

You can always check the ingredients list for Xylitol, or keep such products out of your dog’s reach. As vigilant pet-parents, looking out for our furry babies is the least we can do to protect them from dangers that they don’t know of.

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