Dog Runs In Snow And Immediately Falls Down. Family In Hysterics With His ‘New Trick’

Rafi the Black Lab LOVES snow. Every winter when the ground gets covered, Rafi can’t contain his excitement. His family was super excited to let him off-leash so he can have some fun.

But they were not prepared to see Rafi do this! The best part, it’s obvious that Rafi is pretty proud of himself after he shows his family his new trick.

As soon as he’s off leash, he runs up the hill. Rafi’s family happily watches nearby, while filming their fur child.

This adorable footage didn’t just make his family laugh. Rafi has tons of viewers in stitches (including me!)

Dogs love playing in the snow for many reasons. Because of their coats that grow in thicker during the winter months, the snow feels great!

It also makes for a delightful change of scenery. Their backyards and usual stomping grounds take on a new form. Dogs are naturally curious so they get a kick out of the new landscape.

Our pups are also like big kids. They love to play and snow makes for tons of fun. Especially when dogs have their human siblings playing right along with them.

But remember, dogs do get cold so consider a nice warm jacket and snow booties for your best friend.

Check Rafi out below! He’s such a character!

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