Dog refuses to move out of fear – then animal lover does the only right thing

This picture is one of the most tragic things I have ever seen. A dog who has been abandoned by its owner, staring at the wall and frozen in fear.

Dog Cash refused to move. She laid in her own urine at the animal shelter and wouldn’t eat anything if anyone was looking at her. Every time someone closed a door she would jump out of fear.

She had lost all trust for humans.

Tammy Graves is the founder of animal charity The Haley Graves Foundation. She first met Cash when she was visiting one of her animal shelters.

The dog lay shaking with her head against the wall. She was terrified and had been more or less left to her fate.


Tammy was furious. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time she had seen a dog who had been mistreated. But there was something about Cash that made her react strongly.

She decided to write a post on Facebook:

“This is what happens when people leave animals at shelters. This dog woke up happy yesterday in a warm bed or sofa, waited for breakfast, jumped in the car and hoped she was going to go to the park, or worst case to the vet.

Instead she ended up in a place with 275 dogs, barking and wanting to get out. Animals walk by and never come back. And she has no idea what’s in store for her. She only knows that she didn’t ask to come here. She didn’t ask to be given to an irresponsible owner.”


“Today she’s lying frozen with fear, in a puddle of her own urine. Afraid to move, afraid to make eye contact,” she added.

Tammy also posted a photo of Cash lying against the wall.

Couldn’t leave her

She knew that she couldn’t just leave the dog at the shelter. So a few days later, she came back to collect Cash. She also decided to give the dog a new name: June.


It was soon obvious that June had completely lost all trust for humans. When she was able to leave the animal shelter, she became a new dog. She was incredibly thankful to Tammy. But she still had a way to go.

June was sick after being neglected for such a long time.She needed a lot of treatment before she could be adopted by a new family. In the meantime, she was able to live in a foster home.

A happy ending

June slowly but surely started to recover. She started to cautiously go up to her foster dad for cuddles.

Luckily, this dog got a happy ending. Not long after, she was healthy enough to be adopted by a loving family.

Unfortunately, not all dogs have the same luck. Many of the dogs who are left in shelters never find a new home. If they don’t find a new family, they get put down.

This is why it’s so important to NEVER get a dog if you can’t take care of it.

You can see a clip about June below:

All animals deserve to have a safe and loving home. Please share if you agree!

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