Shelter Dog Almost Ruins His Own Photo Shoot With Ridiculous Expressions, But People Love Him Anyway

When a stray dog goes up for adoption, a shelter tries to do everything it can to help find it a loving home. They provide information about the animal’s breed, background, and personality, but most importantly: they display beautiful photos of the sweet pup, hoping to catch a future owner’s eye.

Some dogs, however, are much more comfortable in front of the camera than others. Staff members at San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) recently held an adoption photo shoot for a spunky stray chihuahua, and the results were stranger — and more hilarious — than anyone expected.

When staffers at San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) took adoption photos of this stray chihuahua, things didn’t go quite according to plan.

Facebook / SFACC

The pup, named Carpe Diem, didn’t exactly seem comfortable in front of the camera…

Facebook / SFACC

…either that, or he decided to photobomb his very own glamour shots!

Facebook / SFACC

SFACC’s Deb Campbell says, “He’s a very silly little dog, not shivering like many little dogs. He is very expressive.” I’ll say!

Facebook / SFACC

About Carpe Diem, Deb adds: “He is always happy and upbeat and excited about everything he sees and everyone he meets. His name fits him perfectly, because he seizes every day!”

Facebook / SFACC

If the purpose of adoption photos is to let a dog’s unique personality shine through, then mission definitely accomplished!

Facebook / SFACC

In the end, the unconventional photo shoot worked: Carpe Diem has been adopted and found his forever home!

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