[Video] Dog Left in Backyard to Die Rescued Just In Time

Darlene was getting a manicure from her usual nail technician – a woman she liked and had been visiting for years. The woman told her about her son's unwanted puppy, a dog he refused to provide food, water and shelter.

Darlene assumed the technician was feeding the dog when in fact Smokey was slowly being starved to death. The manicurist finally confessed that she wanted to “put the dog down” but didn't want to pay the $200 fee to do so. Darlene, a retired interior designer and an animal lover, not an animal rescuer, requested a photo of the Smokey.

What she saw was an emaciated, sad dog. “Something out of a concentration camp.” Darlene dropped everything and went to the technician’s home where she found Smokey, who was barely able to walk and unable to even eat the food she offered. She dropped some unkind remarks to the son who couldn't care less.

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When Smokey was brought to the animal hospital, he was immediately put on an IV drip where he was given round the clock fluids and proper food. His blood work showed food deprivation that spanned weeks, possibly months. His digestive system was in shock.

Within a month, Smokey had gained 20 lbs, going from 40 lbs to 60lbs.

Forte Animal Rescue a 501 (c)(3) based in Marina del Rey, California stepped in to help Darlene with the hospital care and bills as well as to re-home Smokey. His vet bills amounted to thousands of dollars of which Darlene and the rescue took care of.

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Today, not even a year later, Smokey is recovered and lives in Los Angeles with a wonderful family. He is fed. He is loved. He is home.

Check out the video below to watch this inspirational story of heroism.

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