Dog Goes Nuts in Welcoming Military Dad

People who serve in the military are modern-day heroes—they fulfill their sworn duty to protect our country while being away from their loved ones for a really long time.

They make such a great sacrifice risking their lives as they think of their families back home, and for that, they all deserve honors and snappy salutes.

But it’s not only humans who feel and deal with separation anxiety—apparently, dogs do, too!

Here’s something to make you go “awww” as Emmitt Thunderpaws, a gorgeous Great Dane, excitedly gives his military dad Trevor a hero’s welcome after 9 months of being apart!

According to Whitney Chowder, uploader of the video and furmom of Emmitt, it was unusual for him to jump on anyone and stand on people’s shoulders as it can be bad for his hips.

Emmitt wasn’t exactly taught how to do that, so his reaction actually came as a surprise to his parents.

“He almost seems like he’s in shock as he’s not crying, barking, or even licking! Just holding onto Trevor and staring him in the eyes as if he can’t believe he’s back,” Whitney added.

As we can all see, Emmitt is one of the main reasons why his Dad missed home a lot!

Check out the heartwarming video of their memorable reunion below:

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