Man Runs Across Busy Freeway To Get To Scared Dog, But Dog Panics At Wrong Time

A man from Iran was recently captured performing an incredibly dangerous rescue of a distressed dog.

The dog seemed to have been stuck on one of the country’s narrow, busy freeways. But this passerby intervened to save the dog from becoming a road kill!

Source: Democratic Iran Channel/YouTube

In this heart-stopping video, we see the man cross the busy lane to reach out to the dog. The dog is traumatized at this point, and the sight of the speeding cars causes him to panic.

The cars almost touch the dog’s body as they pass by, leaving him frozen in fear.

The man sees through the dog’s hesitations and tries to win his trust. But the dog refuses to respond and stays glued to his spot. This time, the man grabs the dog boldly and plans to make an escape.

Source: Democratic Iran Channel/YouTube

However, the dog snarls and twitches away in shock, leaving both their lives vulnerable to the oncoming traffic. Even at this life-threatening moment, the man doesn’t give up.

He holds the struggling dog tightly, and looks for a window of opportunity to cross the busy road.

Source: Democratic Iran Channel/YouTube

Thankfully, he manages to dodge the cars and bring the dog and himself to safety! People have been commending the man for his ultra brave act. We salute this selfless angel!

Click the video below to watch how the man rescued the dog against improbable odds!

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