Got a Messy Eater/Drinker? This Genius Product Will Keep Your Floors Spotless!

A messy dog can turn your kitchen floor into a total disaster. But the Neater Feeder promises to change all that…

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This is a dog bowl with a difference.

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If your dog kicks this bowl, any spillages will fall into a secure area beneath, rather than all over your floor!

The food remains in the upper trough …

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​While any spilled water can drain through the holes into a reservoir below where it can be easily poured away later.

Both bowls are elevated off of the ground.

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This can help with your pet’s eating and digestion. You can also customize the height to suit your dog best!

It also comes in 5 cool colors.

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And have over 14,000 5-star ratings!

“This is seriously the best water and food bowls out there. We got the large size for our 85 lb Boxer who is almost 9 and very messy.”

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“We have always just used a boot mat with a towel on the ground that we change out daily. Since we have a toddler that loves to get into the spiked water in the boot tray we needed something different.

I wish we would have had this bowl back when we got him as a puppy because it would have saved us from constantly cleaning his watery drool mess all these years.

We are using both of his bowls for water since he drinks so much and we just keep his food bowl under it when he is not eating since it fits perfectly.

We decided to get our little dog (7lbs) one too since our toddler is always going to her food bowl and hiding it and since we were getting rid of the big shared water bottle and didn’t think she would be able to easily drink for the large size bowl.

She loves it! It is just the perfect height and size for her to easily eat and drink from. I really recommend these bowls since they work so well and look so much nicer in our house.

My husband actually said these were the best purchase we have made in a very long time!” said one happy customer.

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